Welcome the world of Arico Fragrance, find out how we create unique scents that ignite your fantasy. Our fragrance can create unique products in fine fragrances, personal care, fabric care, home and air care that align with recent trends,  contributing to the success of our clients’ products.

Ingredients,Technology and Art inside our Fragrance”

fine fragrance

Creating Fine Fragrance is an art to create the perfect harmony between each ingredient.  With the ability to identify the trends and combining all the elements together to create perfection in fragrance that make long-lasting success.

Personal care

Inspired  by the fast-paced worlds of fashion and technology.  The fragrance for personal care must be stable and make a perfect blend to create harmony with the ingredient that giving a distinctive characteristic which reflects to the  special demands of consumers as well as
the market.

Air Care

Room fragrances are becoming increasingly important whether at home or in public areas like shops, airports or fitness centers.

Our perfumers apply great skill in creating unforgettable room fragrances as well as scents for a subtly pleasing and unobtrusive ambiance. The results are multi-purpose fragrances with the aim of achieving optimal air quality.

Fabric care

Modern consumers are looking for great-value fabric care items that not only ensure superior cleaning but also gives long-lasting fragrances that bring a crisp, cool freshness to laundered clothes. Our  R&D has created fragrance stability with aromas that in line with global market trends and consumer preferences.

Home care

 The smell of a washed and polished floor or the clean dishes that combat malodour gives the satisfaction that enhances your customer’s in-home experience that can transports smoothly to the state of relaxation you expect when resting at home.

Our Fragrance Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of fragrance is to contact us. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing fragrance to satisfy your palate.

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